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Chicago Blackhawks Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

Chicago Blackhawks Hat - Free Crochet Pattern Show off your team spirit this winter with this Chicago Blackhawks inspired hat. It features an optional playoff beard!
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This hat was requested by my dad in 2013. Hawks fever was wild in Chicago because the Stanley Cup was within reach and the Blackhawks were unstoppable.

In true playoff fashion, the men were growing their playoff beards. All but my dad.

My dad has never been able to grow a full beard. He’s been cursed with the patchy beard and my mom does not approve. He’s always joked that it’s the price he must pay for a full head of hair.

The request really started as just a joke. He asked me if I could make him a Blackhawks hat with an optional playoff beard. The idea was just too good to pass up.

The hat design is inspired by the Chicago Blackhawks logo. It features the team colors and the Blackhawks feathers. The “playoff beard” is attached by buttons and is removable.

The Ch…

Star Wars BB-9e Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

Star Wars BB-9e Hat - Free Crochet Pattern This new droid of the dark side is perfect for winter.
You can purchase an ad free PDF pattern in my Esty shop.
I was very excited to see a new droid for the First Order. He seems to be the evil counterpart to BB-8. The possibilities were endless.

Star Wars got me interested in this droid right away.. Of course I always check out the new toys for each movie. Sure enough, BB-9e was hitting the shelves before the movie came out.

I started working on BB-9e immediately. I was so inspired by this dark little droid. After K2SO in Rogue One, I was sure BB-9e would be great.

Star Wars has put such personality in their main character droids that they become part of the cast. The last thing I want BB-9e to be, is just another droid that just wanders across the scene.

Star Wars built me up, just to let me down. Once I saw the movie, BB-9e got a short scene with BB-8 and that was about it. No backstory, no personality, nothing!

Ugh. Yet another reason…

Pokemon Jigglypuff Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

Pokemon Jigglypuff Hat - Free Crochet Pattern Stay warm this winter with this Fairy Pokemon. Jigglypuff will protect you from the harsh elements as you play Pokemon Go.
You can purchase an ad free PDF pattern in my Esty shop.
I admit it. I’m addicted to Jigglypuff. I can’t resist this little pink ball of cuteness. As soon as I see it on my sightings list, I’m chasing down that pink puff like nobody’s business.

I play Pokemon Go with my kids. It’s a great activity we can do together. I can’t say enough good things about the game.

The neat thing is that PokeStops are usually landmarks in the area. I have to say, I’ve really never spent time walking around my own town and looking at all the available sculptures and memorials in the area before Pokemon Go.

My favorite is our Vietnam Memorial. It’s a beautiful black wall etched with a mural and features an actual helicopter from the war. There’s also a touching metal sculpture of a wounded soldier being carried by a fellow soldier.

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