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Ewok Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Ewok Hat Free Crochet Pattern This Ewok hat will help you defeat the dark side of winter. This hat is make with single crochet in rounds. The ears are crocheted independently and then attached by sewing to the hat. He's fun the make and fun to wear, so come crochet with me.  Ewoks. They’re cute. They’re cuddly. They’re vicious man eaters. That’s right, man eaters. Every loves those little Ewoks but always forget they almost ate Luke, Han and Chewie. Perhaps the fact they are adorable is how they lure their prey. Even though, I can’t but help love them. They are cute like teddy bears, but tough enough to help take down the Empire. I love the moment when Leia meets little Wicket and my family instantly fell in love with Wicket and the rest of the brave Ewoks. That is what inspired this hat. Ewoks make the perfect hat pattern. They are soft, tough, and will keep you protected all winter long. The hat is made in rounds and at the end a few rows back and forth make the flap.

Death Star Beanie with Bill Free Crochet Pattern

Death Star Beanie with Bill Free Crochet Pattern That's no moon. That's a fully operational Death Star Crochet Beanie that makes a great gift, or you could just make it for yourself. This hat is made with single crochet in rounds then is worked back and forth at the end for the bill. The design is made by changing colors as you work. It's simplicity is what makes it so stylish. One look at the Death Star and you know it’s Star Wars. It’s just fascinating. I love the Death Star because it’s presented with beauty and mystery, but yet is so evil. It’s the weapon of all weapons. It really does represent how far the evil has gone in the empire, with its ability to destroy an entire planet, and they built another one. Dun, dun, dunnn.. I decided to make the second partially built Death Star. Mostly because my favorite part is.. “It’s a Trap!” That and the twist that although it’s still under construction, the empire had made a point to make sure it’s primary weapon was

BB8 Hat Free Crochet Pattern

BB8 Hat Free Crochet Pattern Let the Force Awaken in you with this little droid hat. This hat doesn't just look fun: it's super warm and it's great for winter. You can purchase an ad free PDF in my  Esty shop . Star Wars is something special in my house. See we have two kids, 10 years apart and one of each. So finding a common interest isn’t always easy, but Star Wars is the exception. It's something we all love and a common bond between us. We play Star Wars board games, such as Star Wars X-wing and Imperial Assault . We hold a movie marathon every May the 4th and we play Star Wars Battlefront on the PlayStation . It’s really nice to have one thing we all truly enjoy doing together despite the age gaps. Shortly after making my first BB-8 hat, my daughter said, “Hey wouldn’t it be cute if the hat was his body and his little head was on top.” I grabbed my hook before she could finish and started right away. You can find the pattern for my other BB

R2D2 Hat with Bill Free Crochet Pattern

R2D2 Hat with Bill Free Crochet Pattern When your backyard resembles the plant Hoth, you'll be glad to have this little droid by your side. He's loyal and warm! You can purchase an ad free PDF in my  Esty shop . If that little red droid didn’t have a bad motivator then this story would be a whole lot different. Thanks to fate, or the force, we got R2D2 at the heart of Star Wars. He’s a feisty little fellow and definitely my favorite droid. My Star Wars love started very early, thanks to my dad. I even had a little remote R2D2 growing up. Of course the controller was connected by a wire (it was the 80s), but he was the coolest toy. As an adult, I had a little figurine of R2D2 on my desk. My little sidekick that stuck by my side and reminded me to have a little fun. Star Wars makes me think of family, my family, and this little guy was always there to remind me of what’s important in life, my family. Most of my patterns are hats my kids request, but this on