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Star Wars Porg - Free Crochet Pattern

Star Wars Porg - Free Crochet Pattern Let this playful Porg nest upon your head this winter. Due to their mountain dwelling background, they have been conditioned to handle the harshest of winters. You can purchase an ad free PDF pattern in my  Esty shop . I remember it like yesterday. The whole family gathered around the television and we started to watch the first official trailer for the new episode of Star Wars, The Last Jedi. We silently watched, never blinking, so that we didn’t miss one detail. Floating rocks, and flashes of red. We were intrigued. As soon as it ended, we all looked at each other, and I could see the excitement on my family’s faces. I asked them if they wanted to watch it again, and it was a resounding “Yes!” We all fell head over heels for the little bird like creatures. We immediately checked online and learned the name. Porgs. It was no question that these little guys were going to be the latest addition to my hat collection. Well,

Lumpy Space Princess Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

Lumpy Space Princess Hat - Free Crochet Pattern Oh my glob! Winter is coming and Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time is ready to take on winter with you. You can purchase an ad free PDF pattern in my  Esty shop . My daughter, who is ten years older than her brother, starting watching Adventure Time with my son. As soon as Lumpy Space Princess came on, she was hooked. She can’t quite explain it, but Lumpy Space Princess just cracks her up. It started with a t-shirt. We happened to see one as we were shopping, and she just had to have it. By the time winter rolled around, she wanted the hat. She helped me a lot in trying to get Lump’s meh attitude across in a hat. We basically decided she must have arms. When making a hat like Lumpy Space Princess, it’s amazing that something like arms just seems right on this hat, and it has become our favorite part of the hat. Stay up to date on all my upcoming free patterns. Please subscribe . This pattern is for the fol

Pikachu Hat - Free Crochet Pattern

Pokemon Pikachu Hat - Free Crochet Pattern Electrify this winter with your very own Pikachu Pokemon. As his personal Pokemon Trainer, his loyalty will protect you from the evils of winter because of all his power. You can purchase an ad free PDF pattern in my  Esty shop . One look at Pikachu, and you immediately know he’s a Pokemon. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played Pokemon, never seen Pokemon, or if you don’t even know what Pokemon is. His fame has made him an iconic symbol for many generations now. Although Pikachu is not my son’s favorite Pokemon, he still wanted a Pikachu for his hat collection. Simply for the reason that Pikachu represents all things Pokemon, and my son loves all things Pokemon. You can’t help but love this little guy. My personal favorite thing about this hat is that I can always spot my son in a crowd. Whenever I pick him up from school, my son’s electric yellow Pikachu is beaming like a homing beacon. What’s your favorite Pokemon? Let