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Snorlax Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Pokemon Snorlax Hat Free Crochet Pattern This lovable sleeping Pokemon is perfect to hibernate with you this winter. Just don't wake him or the beast could eat you. The base of this hat is made with single crochets worked in rounds and the design is make by changing colors. Ears are made separately then are sewed to the top. His mouth is embroidered with yarn.  You can purchase an ad free PDF in my  Esty shop . It was my son that sparked my interest in Pokemon. Sure, I remember them from my childhood, but I never was into it. I had friends that played Pokemon and I’d look at their cards, but never really had an interest in buying any myself. Then one day, as an adult, all of my childhood things started to become popular again. Transformers had movies, Ghostbusters were women, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were back on TV and my son was playing Pokemon. It was fun to be able to share things from my childhood with my children. So this time, I was interested in Pokemon, be

Pokeball Beanie with Bill Free Crochet Pattern

Pokeball Beanie with Bill - Free Crochet Pattern Well, we can blame this hat on my son’s best friend. One day after school my son gets in the car talking 100 mph. From what I can gather, his best friend has given him some of his duplicate Pokemon cards so they can play together. So it starts… Next thing I know, we can’t leave a store without looking at the trading card section. My son is now blowing his entire allowance on Pokemon cards, binders and card holders. I fear it’s becoming an obsession. Then the worst possible scenario…. Pokemon Go is released! I feared this game would only escalate my sons new obsession with all things Pokemon, but something else happened. Suddenly my son was outside walking like crazy. Asking to go to parks and if we could go on walks as a family. Next thing I know, my entire family has the game and we’re walking around town, capturing Pokemon. Now I’m obsessed. It doesn’t take too long before I start to think that these little Pok

Basket Weave Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Basket Weave Hat Free Crochet Pattern This hat was inspired by a commercial for a ski lodge. I don’t ski personally (way too clumsy), but I love the idea of a winter getaway. As I watched this commercial, I could see myself curling up with a good book, a mug of hot chocolate steaming, sitting in a over-sized leather armchair next to a roaring fire. Of course the first thing I think is what kind of hat would I crochet myself for such an occasion? At the time, I recently learned the basket weave stitch and had only used it as an afghan stitch. I quickly got to work to figure out how to incorporate this stitch into a hat pattern. It was the perfect mix of classy and cozy. The hat pattern works up quickly and looks great in any color. You can customize it to coordinate with your winter coat or your favorite fall outfit. For these reasons, it's my go to pattern. I take my crochet with me everywhere I go, and it seems I sell this hat hot off the hook every time. Whether I’m on va

Finn the Human Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Finn the Human Hat Free Crochet Pattern Finn the Human will be you best friend this winter. He will keep you warm on all you adventures this winter.  My son’s favorite episode of Adventure Time was when Jake and Finn play a game of Card Wars. It really peaked his interest because he was really into Pokemon at this time as well. Suddenly his style of playing card battle games has changed to mimic the style of the show. We even “had” to buy the Adventure Time Munchkin Game . It wasn’t long after I made my son Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, that he requested his best friend on the show, Finn the Human. So to work I went, and just as before my little supervisor of quality control was right over my shoulder every step of the way. You can find my Jake the Dog hat pattern here . The hat is worked in rounds and his face and the tips of his hat are made separately. I use a little poly-fil in the tips of Finn’s hat to keep them standing. If you don’t have any poly-fil on hand, y